Advanced Periodontal Care In DeLand


Most general dentistry practitioners focus on the aesthetic, preventive, and restorative aspects of oral health. But when you need advanced care for your gums, it’s time to call a periodontist. Welcome to Bergens Periodontics Implant & Dentistry: the leading authority of dental implants and periodontics in DeLand, Florida since 2003.

When dealing with inflamed or sensitive gums, finding a specialist is the key to successful and long-lasting results. Thankfully, our dental practice aims to give you everything you need in one place so you don’t have to take risks with under-qualified dentists. Backed by a team of skilled dental staff, Dr. Bryan Bergens uses his decades of experience to improve your teeth, gums, and overall oral health.

Dr. Bergens graduated from LSU School of Dentistryand is a widely-respected expert in the field of implant and periodontal dentistry with over 31 years of experience He also teaches as an assistant professor, teaching students at the University of Florida School of Dentistry about implant surgery. Why choose us? We take dental implants and periodontal treatments seriously and we consider your well-being our top priority. Whether you opt for simple tooth extractions and cosmetic fixes to more drastic surgeries, our team promises to deliver life-changing results. With the help of advanced technologies in the field of dentistry, we use innovative solutions like laser therapy, CT 3D imaging, and the special Chao Pinhole technique to perform delicate surgical procedures.

Every time you book an appointment, Dr. Bergens will take the time to set accurate expectations for each procedure. We also make sure to give all our patients a comprehensive dental examination to screen for potential dental infections or screening for signs of oral cancer.

Guided by our recommendations, we empower our patients to make well-informed choices about their dental health during every consultation. We guarantee to go above and beyond all your expectations, providing only the gold standard for implant surgery and periodontal care in DeLand, Florida.

If you’re ready to experience the lifelong benefits of periodontics and dental implants, it’s time to leave it up to the professionals. Visit Bergens Periodontics Implant & Dentistry today!

Bryan M. Bergens, DDS, FICOI, FACD, ABAAHP - Dentist in Deland