Leading the Field in Implantology and Periodontics

Dr. Bergens has 30 years of dental experience and is an industry leader in dental implant surgery. While most dental offices offer dental implants as side treatment among a long list of other procedures such as, fillings, root canals, bleaching, etc., non-specialized dentists typically have not completed the extensive training a Periodontal Specialist like Dr. Bergens has.  Dr. Bergens specialize in the placement and restoration of dental implants, as well as, the gum health of natural teeth and implants.

Why choose Dr. Bergens?  Dr. Bergens is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology and an Assistant Professor of Periodontics and Prosthodontics at the University of Florida, School of Dentistry. He is a Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantologists and his practice is exclusive to periodontal therapy, implant placement and treatment of implant issues. After graduating from dental school, Dr. Bergens further advanced his education in a three-year residency in Periodontics. Periodontics is the most qualified dental specialty to treat patients who need dental implants and/or periodontal surgery. Board Certified in Periodontics and implant surgery, Dr. Bergens performs surgeries on a daily basis with the full scope of implant and periodontal surgery including sinus augmentation, gum grafting, Laser and Pinhole surgical techniques and extractions. Dr. Bergens also specializes in correcting a wide variety of implant complications due to bone loss or poor aesthetic results.

What does it mean to be a Diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology?  A Diplomate is a periodontist who has made significant achievements beyond the mandatory educational requirements of the specialty and who is certified by the American Board of Periodontology.

In 2018, Dr. Bergens achieved an Advance Fellowship in Anti-aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine and furthered his education by becoming a Diplomate of The American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners. He has advanced his skills in diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, nutritional therapies, pharmaceuticals, endocrinology, neurophysiology, and cancer. He consults for BWell Integrative Wellness Center which his wife owns.

From our front office to the treatment room, our practice is made up of professionals who take your oral health very seriously.  Using state of the art equipment and surgical techniques we are able to offer each patient outstanding care. Your safety, surgical outcomes and comfort are our top priority.


Trust – Trust, integrity and honesty is at the forefront of our practice.  We have been in practice in the area for the past two decades, this longevity is directly related to our exceptional customer service and loyalty.  Dr. Bergens strives to provide treatment recommendations that are based on your individualized health, your functional needs, and esthetics.  Dr. Bergens will provide you with conservative treatment options that are predictable and specific for you. You can expect to spend some time with Dr. Bergens as he gets to know you and your individual needs and goals.  We know you have many choices in providers, and it is an honor and a privilege if you choose us to be a part of your oral healthcare team.

Quality Expertise– Our office utilizes modern, evidence-based surgical procedures to ensure the best outcomes.  As a specialist, Dr. Bergens provides innovative treatment within the field of periodontics and implant dentistry.  He provides sedation dentistry and minimally invasive advanced surgical procedures, including Chao Pinhole Surgery for gum grafting, Piezosurgery for sinus lifts and LANAP Laser treatment for gum regeneration. Our practice features state-of-the-art equipment including PreXion 3D CBCT X-Ray Scanner, Periolase Laser, Piezosurgery GP, OralID and VELscope Oral Cancer Screening devices. We have implemented Extraoral Aerosol Suction devices in operatories and UVC/HEPA Air purifiers throughout offices for the safety of our patients and staff.  We only use the highest-quality products to provide you with lasting results.

Education – Dr. Bergens participates in local, regional, national and international continuing education to remain at the forefront of periodontal technology and research. Just as we are constantly building on our own education, one of our main goals is to educate our patients. Dr. Bergens will take the time to educate you on your treatment options and empower you to make the best treatment decisions.  It is imperative that we keep our patients informed, Education is the basis of prevention, and prevention is the basis of good health.